Children's Folk Dance Festival

The 2021 in-person event has been cancelled.

In lieu of the events cancellation for 2021, IMEA is pleased to offer a selection of festival dances free to all interested teachers; allowing you an opportunity to hold your very own mini Folk Dance Festival in your classrooms.

The Children’s International Folk Dance Festival typically showcases thousands of children from across Indiana in grades three through eight performing international folk dances. Since 1971, these students have learned the dances from music, P.E., and/or grade-level teachers throughout the academic year in preparation for the festival. The dances come from the Kentucky Dance Institute, a summer dance festival showcasing international dances.

For 2021, you have access to 17 total dances. 7 of the dances can be performed socially distant and several of the others can be easily adapted with a little creativity. IMEA has included socially distant dances to allow students and teachers to follow COVID protocols based on your local government's regulations. 

Below, you will find a list of the dances, video links, recordings, and an interactive PDF with cultural information for each country.


We would love to see your mini-festivals! Consider tagging IMEA to any facebook or twitter posts related to your students' mini folk dance festival. Or send photos and videos to the IMEA Office Email.

2022 Folk Dance Festival

Registration Deadline for 2022 Folk Dance Festival: March 23

2022 Folk Dance Festival: April 23


For any questions or concerns, contact Folk Dance Festival Chair Damon Clevenger at [email protected].





This event is supported by: 

and the City of Indianapolis