All-State & Honor Ensembles

Students at the High School and Collegiate levels have the opportunity to participate in one of several All State & Honor Ensembles.  These statewide ensembles typically perform at the IMEA Professional Development Conference in January of each year.


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At this time, IMEA continues to actively monitor the COVID regulations and the CDC and state health department responses to activities allowed during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Currently, IMEA is planning to continue moving forward with all All-State and Honor Ensemble opportunities for the 2021-2022 school year, including the performances at the 2022 IMEA PD Conference in Ft. Wayne this coming January. When we do make decisions regarding performances we are doing so with the coordinators. 

We are comforted by the knowledge that we hosted all of the all state and honor ensembles in May and June 2021 in a safe environment that saw no outbreak of covid cases. We will use that knowledge and the advice of state and local health departments and the CDC to make as safe a decision as possible when it comes to our events as always.


Ensembles that perform at the IMEA Professional Development Conference Include (in no particular order):

Click here to view the  All state and Honor Ensemble performances order forms from the conference.