2022 IMEA Professional Development Conference Information

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Check out or conference website for more information: https://conference.imeamusic.org/

Confirmed 2022 Presenters
Dr. Molly Baugh
Mr. Adam Bodony
Dr. Thomas Bough
Mrs. Michelle Brinkman
Dr. Chun-Ming Chen
Dr. Brenda Clark
Dr. John Egger
Dr. Don Ester
Dr. Kevin Gerrity
Mrs. Katelyn Helms
Mr. Matthew Hibbets
Mr. Andrew Himelick
Dr. Chad Hutchinson
Ms. Christa Jones
Mrs. Emily Maurek
Mr. Christopher Meyer
Dr. Webb Parker
Dr. Eric Posada
Ms. Jen Rafferty
Ms. Bethany Robinson
Ms. Kayla Smith
Ms. Kathryn Spangler
Dr. Jonathan Sweet
Dr. James Vilseck
Dr. Brian Weidner
Mr. Kyle Weirich
Dr. Oliver Worthington